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Week of 12/11/2022 - 12/17/2022

The trend of the week we will be covering is… Dinner Party Weddings. I know you are wondering what is a dinner party wedding. This trend stems from micro weddings. Thanks to 2020 and COVID more couples are opting to reduce the size of the wedding making it a smaller but intimate affair. Meaning there is no more than 50 guest on the list. Even though the event is small that does not mean you have to skimp on floral décor or anything else, in turn fewer guest means more options!! And you have to love that!

With dinner party weddings you are able to reach out to local chefs and/or caterers and get a one of a kind menu customized to your event. Let the chef prepare something that leaves the guest thinking of you. According to Amy Nichols, founder of Intimate I Dos by Amy Nichols Special Events, “With fewer people on the guest list, chefs can play a bit more. Have fun with your menu! Talk to your caterer about ways to make your wedding day memorable. It may be that your chef has a signature dish that you’d never think of to offer at a wedding, and it could be something you love.” This is the opportunity to set yourself apart from everyone else’s wedding and make yours memorable.

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