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Week of 12/18/2022 – 12/24/2022

Memories with Lucille, photo camper- Photo by Modern Moments Photography

WELCOME BACK!!! This week we are talking about one wedding trend that I absolutely love. PHOTOBOOTHS!! We are not talking about any old photo-booth but extremely creative and fun booths that are starting to pop-up all over the place.

Everyone have played in one or at least seem them all over town. From movie theatres to skating rinks we all have come across them. So why are they starting to trend? That is easy to explain. After dealing with COVID and not being able to make these amazing memories with family and friends people needed a way to capture these memories in a fun way that everyone will enjoy.

I have been able to talk and work with people who own different types of photo-booths. The one you see above is a one of a kind photo camper. Inside there are backdrops plus any and every kind of prop you can imagine. Now how much fun do you think your guest will have jumping in front of this taking all kinds of pictures? A LOT!!

Not only are there photo campers but my personal favorite: 360 photo-booths. These are crazy fun photo-booths were you step up on a platform and the camera spins around you. You cannot jump HOWEVER you can move around and dance to the music playing in the back ground. I do have to say I have done these photo-booths at different events and they are always a huge hit with guest.

Need to book a photo-booth?

Memories With Lucille

PicMe Photobooth

Picture Perfect Mirror Photo Booth

Retro Okie

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