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Week of 01/15/2023 – 01/21/2023

This week it is all about Black and White weddings.

I am back with your weekly wedding trend ALERT! What two colors give you elegance, sophistication, classic, and beauty all at once? Black and White! That is why these two timeless pairs are going to be a huge trend this year. You can do sooo much with these two colors that it is ridiculous. Lets look at a few examples I have for you.

You can go with a formal “Black Tie” event or a formal “White tie” and pull off the most exclusive VIP event of the year. I know you have heard of black tie events, but not so much with white tie. Well I am going to give you some info on this and you may want to write this down. White tie are the top of the top when it comes to formal events. Think presidential events, diplomatic galas, and royal affairs. You know those are top tier and they scream exclusivity!!!

If you plain to incorporate that look and style into your wedding make sure you go with a “black and White” themed wedding. Trust me you will not regret it

Check out this gallery for inspiration

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